We do not stock any diamonds but source them individually to tailor to each client's specific criteria. We deal with both Canadian and overseas wholesalers, and can provide our customers with 5-20% below wholesale pricing. We deal diamonds from 0.5ct to over 10 carats in all qualities, both colorless or colored like yellow or pink diamonds.


We have about 400 gemstones in our inventory, mostly smaller colored stones and opals. . All of our gems are natural stones and all of the opals and cabochons have been cut in-house by Edit Simon.

Although we keep a small inventory of gemstones, our speciality is finding you the exact quality, color and size of gem you are looking for. With contacts around the world and regular gem-buying trips throughout the year we are confident we will find you just the right gemstone.

If you have any enquiries for either diamonds or colored gems please give us a call or send an email with the specifics of what you are looking for.

Custom Designs

Edit Simon is an award-winning jewelry designer and she will personally consult with you to create the perfect piece of jewelry. To ensure we deliver exactly what you had in mind, our custom design process encourages your involvement and requires your complete satisfaction.

A custom design allows full control over every facet of the piece in order to match the idea or vision a client has in mind. It can turn an idea into reality, can repurpose old jewelry and gemstones to be enjoyed in new ways, or restore / reimagine a beloved family heirloom.

We will begin with a 3D design, producing a lifelike rendering of how the finished piece will look prior to moving forward with creating a wax model. This is where we welcome any and all inputs. A significant benefit of 3D design is the ability to make any alterations, no matter how slight or significant, throughout the design process, Once the client is fully satisfied with the rendering, the piece will be made into a wax model, and then cast into the metal of their choice, and finally have all of the stones set and the piece polished and finished by hand.

The full process will take approximately four to eight weeks.

Existing Inventory Orders

All pieces in our Existing Inventory are readily available for purchase and are shipped within two days after receiving payment or can be picked up in person in Vancouver, BC.